What we do

What We Do

Project Management

Project Management is the systematic process of establishing a plan, effectively communicating objectives, delegating responsibility, monitoring performance, identifying problems, resolving conflicts and producing desired results with quality and economy. We provide the systems and services to meet this challenge successfully.

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

Work definition is critical in the initial phase of the project when project scope is broken down, responsibilities are assigned and cost coding systems are developed. The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), when developed, becomes the framework for a sound project control system. WBS breaks the project down into manageable tasks, and integrates them with the project Code of Accounts.

Management Information Systems

No news is not good news.’ Ongoing projects need consistently updated information to stay on target. We use automated management information systems to communicate information in a timely and concise fashion at the level of detail required to support the varying needs of the project team.

Planning & Scheduling

Plan the work and work the plan.” We use CPM (Critical Path Method) as the planning, scheduling and progress monitoring tool. We integrate the schedules of various project participants to create a master project schedule defining activity interfaces, contractor coordination and material deliveries. Once the schedule is finalized and approved, a baseline is established to monitor future “actuals” versus “planned” targets and analyze project performance. We strongly feel that planning and scheduling is a project management tool rather than merely a device for producing bulky reports.

Performance Measurement

Performance Measurement provides the necessary information and reports to monitor the cost, schedule and resource performance of the project. We emphasize integrating scheduling and cost into a performance measurement system to support earned value and productivity analysis. We believe that a carefully designed Performance Measurement System can be a meaningful management tool rather than an administrative burden.

Estimating & Cost Control

Estimating & Cost Control is an integral and important function of project management. It’s implementation in conjunction with scheduling makes it effective. Through iterative experience, we have honed our skills in designing and executing project specific cost control systems that are meaningful. They provide much needed tools to analyze productivity and prevent cost overruns.

Project Administration

Project Administration includes contract management, change control, claims avoidance and analysis, progress payment processing. MCSS provides qualified administrators skilled in assisting Project Managers maintain a clear line of communication with the client and the project staff.