The Honolulu Rail Transit Project Oahu, Hawaii

The Honolulu Rail Transit Project is an urban transit system under construction in Honolulu County, Oahu, Hawaii.  The system, which will be mostly elevated, is based on a commuter rail-like design incorporated into trains and suburban stations.  The first phase of the project, linking East Kapolei and Aloha Stadium, is currently scheduled to open in late 2021.
The Honolulu Rail Transit Project

One aspect of the massive $8.3 billion project is the Core Systems contract, which includes 80 new passenger cars, an automatic train control system, and car-borne and wayside communications equipment, with a design/construct/deliver value of $574 million. MCSS provided schedule delay analysis to Leah+Elliott, Contract Management overseers of the Core Systems Contractor, for a significant claim (over $100 million) related to the Core Systems Contract. MCSS personnel analyzed Delay Claims, including Pacing Delays, Concurrent Delays, and Scope Change impacts, such as change order time impact on the project schedule and cost. They provided Forensic Analysis to HART on various Delay Claim requests by the contractor throughout the project lifecycle. Moreover, they advised HART on responses to Claims-related correspondence from the contractor, focusing on Claims Avoidance, Delay Mitigation Strategies, performing what-if scenario analysis, recommending recovery measures, and discussing implications of contract clauses in relation to the claims and Claims Negotiation Strategies. MCSS also monitored project Revised Baseline Schedule Development and reviewed Monthly Schedule updates for the Core Systems contract. They analyzed project performance and provided recommendations on delays and recovery measures to HART management. Leading weekly/bi-weekly conference calls, MCSS updated management on progress and discussed issues. They reviewed Schedule Quality of monthly schedule report submissions, assessed their implications, and suggested improvements to the quality of monthly schedule updates.

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