Indefinite Quantity Contract to Provide Cost Estimating and Cost Control Support Personnel, NYCT, New York, New York

MCSS Cost Estimators address the preparation, maintenance, modification, and revision of cost estimates for any and/or all deliverable aspects of capital or other projects from studies and conceptual designs to preliminary and final designs, including construction bid packages, to assist NYCT with the overall budget management of projects.

MCSS Cost Estimators prepare cost estimates at different design stages, construction awards, and during the construction phase in spreadsheet format, adhering to NYCT cost estimating procedures and policies. MCSS responsibilities include: the preparation of construction cost and long range planning estimates, taking responsibility for overall quality and completeness of all construction cost estimates for capital projects by monitoring, updating and evaluating estimates as projects are developed, preparing estimates and value engineering proposals including Engineering Force Accounts (EFA’s), budgets, conceptual, preliminary, and final cost estimates for multi-disciplined projects; during construction to make field visits which aid in preparing estimates for AWO’s; coordinate with Design Managers to make sure projects are within budget; prepare Bid Analysis after bid openings and attend meetings and prepare minutes of meetings.

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