Indefinite Quantity Contract to Provide Schedulers, NYCT, New York, New York

MCSS has been a prime scheduling consultant to MTA/New York City Transit for more than 20 years providing scheduling support to assist the Capital Program Management Department manage the NYCT’s multibillion-dollar capital improvement program. MCSS schedulers are assigned to NYCT Construction Managers’ offices in various program areas and have been involved with some very high-profile projects.  These projects include the Lenox Avenue Line Rehabilitation, Communication Based Train Control (CBTC), Sonet/ATM Communication Network, Reconstruction of the Stillwell Avenue Terminal, Automatic Train Supervision (ATS), HVAC and Electrical Upgrades at the Power Control Center and the Rail Control Center, construction of new Emergency Ventilation Plants at Mulry Square (Manhattan) and on Northern Boulevard (Queens), and the Clifton Shop (Design/Build).

MCSS Schedulers play a crucial role in the acceptance of contractors’ baseline schedules. They ensure that the contractors’ schedules cover the project scope completely and meet contract requirements for construction phasing, agency-supplied services, and special conditions. This involves verifying activity descriptions, codes, durations, logic relationships, and resources. MCSS Schedulers analyze schedule updates and prepare monthly status reports to document progress, comparing it to the baseline schedule. They analyze the critical path, provide completion forecasts, and assess schedule changes. The Scheduler offers insight into work-around or recovery plans to mitigate schedule delays and, importantly, advises management of potential problem areas in a timely manner so that corrective measures can be implemented. In the change order process, MCSS Schedulers play a significant role by analyzing and evaluating the impact of proposed additional work on the project schedule. This evaluation is essential for determining whether an adjustment to the contract duration is required and, if so, what an equitable adjustment should be. MCSS Schedulers have also participated in Risk Assessment, Delay Claim Analysis, and have joined the MTA Legal Team in Arbitration for Delay Claims.

For a multi-billion dollar Capital Program

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